Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Angra on Roadie Crew's cover !

Angra will be on Roadie Crew's cover (one of the most important Brazilian metal magazines) in April.

The members of the band gave an exclusive interview to the journalist Antonio Carlos Monteiro! Here is a translation of the officialnote published on MS Metal Press and an extract from the interview:

"The band Angra, will be on the next Roadie Crew cover, which will be released on April 07 throughout the country. The band which is ready to go on the road with Sepultura in Brazil and Latin America, revealed to the magazine everything that happened since the break of their activities, until the return of the drummer Ricardo Confessori. Here is an extract of the discussion which was managed by Antonio Carlos Monteiro, with the participation of all the musicians :

Roadie Crew : Angra and Sepultura are two very strong bands out there. There is a possibility for the tour to go outside, too ?

Kiko : all is possible. We will start here and see how it goes.

Edu : The fact is that the tour has not started and we have already many requests about shows, including in Europe and Japan, then obviously we will study them. Nothing is closed, but there is the possibility to continue until the end of the year.

Kiko : Once we have finished the tour, we will think about the CD or DVD.

Edu : It’s great to see that after almost two years of absence in the medias, Angra keeps a worldwide importance. It’s good to know, after 18 years, that the story that the band has written is what really matter.

Felipe : i It's not a band that has stopped and that everyone said "Oh, guys, they were stopped." We stopped and created a great regret among people everywhere in the world.

Kiko : It’s fun to see how European journalists have a different point of view on the subject. They always ask us how we can keep a line-up for so long. It’s totally different from the brazilian point of view. For them, we have kept a line-up for nine years and then another one for nine years it’s a feat even more with the Ricardo Confessori come back. Then , the Europeans have a different point of view, for them changes are very natural for a band to stay alive."

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Kiko Loureiro : new solo album

The new solo album of Kiko Loureiro, "Fullblast: The Road Of Excess Leads To The Palace Of Wisdom", will be out at the end of the week in Japan!

Here is the tracklist :
  • 1. Headstrong
  • 2. Desperado
  • 3. Cutting Edge
  • 4. Excuse Me
  • 5. Se Entrega, Corisco!
  • 6. A Clairvoyance
  • 7. Corrosive Voices
  • 8. Whispering
  • 9. Outrageous
  • 10. Mundo Verde
  • 11. Pura Vida
  • 12. As It Is, Infinite
You can already listen to samples from the album on Neowing

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Angra's news on the Edu Falaschi's official Facebook !

Edu Falaschi posted last Friday some Angra's news on his official Facebook ! To read the Edu's post, go on Edu Falaschi France French Blog !

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Edu Falaschi at Manifesto Rock Bar

Edu Falaschi takes part today at 22:00 (Brazilian time), in the Illustria's lauching show of their debut album, "Land of Tomorrow" at Manifesto Rock Bar in São Paulo (Brazil).

Illustria is the new band of Tito Falaschi, bass player and singer, and Edu's brother!

For more news : Edu Falaschi France Official Website

Rafael Bittencourt : workshop in Manaus

Rafael Bittencourt gives a workshop today at 18h00 (Brazilian Time), at CCMT in Manaus (Brazil).

For more news : Rafael Bittencourt Official Website

Friday, March 27, 2009

Angra : new date confirmed !

A new date of the Angra's tour with Sepultura has been confirmed :
05/15/09: Aeroclub - Jau (Sao Paulo, Brazil).

For more news : Angra Official Website, Edu Falaschi France, Aero Rock website

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Angra new official French website

Visit the new Angra's French Official website : http://www.angrapower.fr/

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ricardo Confessori : new official website

The new official website of Ricardo Confessori will be available at midnight (20:00 am, Brazilian time)!

Ricardo Confessori official website: http://www.ricardoconfessori.com/

Friday, March 20, 2009

Edu Falaschi's official note about Angra

Here is a translation (sorry for my bad English), of the Edu Falaschi's official note about the Angra's come back, published by MS Metal Press :

"Another Angra’s member released an official note about his views on the current activities of the band. This time, it’s the singer Edu falaschi who was emphatic in stating that everyone is extremly excited and pleased with the rehearsals and the expectation of the tour to come with Sepultura. See below the full statement of the singer :

“I’m extremely excited about the Angra’s come back, we are rehearsing hard and everything has gone perfectly well. This return has a very specific signification, and is quite symbolic for me at that time as singer and frontamn of the band. Artisctically speaking, I have worked very hard last months to help and put the band in his place, the top ! We are all very dedicated to make that happen ! Even if we could compare this amazing moment of my career with something I have already lived I refer to my first moments at the time of the Rebirth album. (...) I’m really eager to experiment this new challenge in my career as an artist."

For more news : MS Metal Press

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Angra will be on Roadie Crew's cover on April !

Photo and montage by Laybson

Angra will be on the cover of the magazine Roadie Crew (one of the greatest Brazilian media specialize in metal) in April.

The band will speak about the new line-up, what happened during the two years of the Angra's break and their plans for the future.

The Guitar player Rafael Bittencourt said: "We have had problems and there were many dissensions in Angra. But in the end, nothing is more important than our love for music, the band's story, the songs we've written in the past and those we will compose in the near future, and we're back. "

The band will be on tour with Sepultura in Brazil in May 2009 and has also some projects about a future studio album.

For more news : Flogao Angra / Whiplash

Rafael Bittencourt official note

Coming soon !

Angra's myspace blog updating!

Here is the English version of the Angra's post on their official myspace blog :

"Angra is back !

Sepultura and Angra go on tour together in Brazil and Latin America for the first time !

The two greatest metal bands from Brazil, Sepultura and Angra, will go on a big tour together for the first time. The tour will cover all the Brazilian territory and many other Latin American countries. In Brazil, the tour will include more than 20 cities, with shows in the best venues in the country, like Via Funchal in Sao Paulo and Canecao in Rio de Janeiro, during the months of May, August and September.

Sepultura will begin its Brazilian tour promoting their new CD A-Lex, after returning from a tour in Europe in February and March that included more than 20 countries. The band is already all booked for 2009, with shows in Europe, United States and Asia. The record has just been released all around the world and is receiving many praises from the Brazilian and international specialized media.

Angra, after a hiatus of about two years, comes back with full power to prove that still is the most important melodic metal band in Brazil. The group is preparing a big return, with a set list that includes the band’s greatest hits and some surprises.

The thrash metallers from Sepultura, Derrick Green (vocals), Andreas Kisser (guitar), Paulo Xisto (bass) e Jean Dolabella (drums) will share the stage with Edu Falaschi (vocals), Kiko Loureiro (guitar), Rafael Bittencourt (guitar) e Felipe Andreoli (bass). Ricardo Confessori, one of Angra’s first member, returns to the group and substitutes Aquiles Priester on drums.

These are the shows confirmed for May:

6/5 - Porto Alegre - Teatro do Bourbon Country
9/5 - São Paulo - Via Funchal
29/5 - Rio de Janeiro - Canecão
30/5 - Vitória - Ginásio Dom Bosco
31/5 - Belo Horizonte - Chevrolet Hall

More information, news and updates in:

For more news : Angra Official Myspace Blog

Angra / Sepultura : the two greatest bands from Brazil bring together for a South American Tour

Angra prepares for his come back after 2 year of absence, a great tour with a songbook of the great standards of the band and some surprises!

The tour, which will bring together for the first time Angra and Sepultura goes through more than 20 cities in Brazil in May, August and September of 2009!

5 dates are already confirmed in Porto Alegre, São Paulo, Rio De Janeiro, Vitoria and Belo Horizonte in May.

For more news : Angra Official Websitel, Edu Falaschi France

Angra 2009 version

Here is the new Angra's line-up 2009 version :
  • Vocals : Edu Falaschi
  • Guitar : Kiko Loureiro
  • Guitar : Rafael Bittencourt
  • Bass : Felipe Andreoli
  • Drums : Ricardo Confessori
For more news : Angra official website